Glenda is an artist originally from North Wales and has an arts background. She finds her creative inspiration in the natural world, particularly in the array of animals, insects, and plants that surround her.

Her specialisation lies in crafting detailed watercolour paintings and intricate pencil drawings. With a keen eye for detail for capturing the environment around her, Glenda’s artwork is focused on colour and texture of her chosen subjects.

Her artistic technique involves using vibrant colours through the application of multiple layers of watercolour glazes, while delicately using brush strokes to infuse texture and depth into her paintings.

Her intricate pencil drawings are mainly focused on texture and detail. Layering colour pencils and blending to produce a realistic artwork.

Prints of a small selection of Glenda Ann’s artwork are available for purchase from her Etsy shop, allowing you to bring her art creations into your own space. If there is a piece on this site that you wish to have printed, just send her an email and she will get it added it to the shop. Each print is carefully reproduced to retain the detail and colour of the original artwork, ensuring the quality remains intact.

If you’re looking for a specific piece or wish to discuss a commissioned artwork tailored to your preferences, Glenda is open to discussing your ideas and bringing your vision to life.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Glenda to inquire about her artwork or discuss any commission requests. She welcomes the opportunity to share her passion and artistry with you.